New Construction

Zolman’s team has a wealth of experience in virtually all types of new construction. From initial planning through completion, Zolman has high quality professionals committed to providing outstanding client service. We understand that constructing a new facility is an important step for any client and we provide the proper support to make it a pleasant experience.


Historical Restoration/Quality Renovation

Renovating an existing building provides special challenges. Whether updating a structure with the latest materials or restoring a building to it’s original splendor, Zolman corporation has the expertise to deliver the best finished project.


Professional Consulting

Zolman Construction provides in-depth consultation recommendations and oversight of the entire construction project, allowing the project owner to devote their time to their normal responsibilities. The assistance delivered by Zolman allows the owner to be informed of the process of their project, without being burdened by every facet of the construction process.


Safety Assurance

“No job is so important, no service is so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform our work safely”

At Zolman Construction Corporation our commitment to safety is a key part of our business. We have developed a comprehensive safety program and we work diligently to insure that our jobsites are safe working environments.